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Q: Where does VSA train?

A: We currently train in three locations:

Q: Where does VSA play their home games?

A: Our home fields are at JFK High School and Iselin Middle School.

Q: What leagues do VSA teams play in?

A: All VSA teams compete in EDP (http://www.edpsoccer.com).

Q: How frequent are trainings?

A: All of our teams train in season 3 times per week. Winter training is two times per week. Our youngest teams will typically train two times per week, year round.

Q: How are the seasons broken up?

A: (8th grade and below): September-November/Jan-March/March-June.
(High School): October – December/Jan-March/March-July

Q: What is Valencia's philosophy and curriculum?

A: Please click the following link: http://www.vsa-nj.com/about-us/.

Q: Is there a college program in place?

A: Yes. We have local college coaches evaluate each player in our club. Our pathway to college program provides each player with the education required to put together a collegiate athlete resume.

Q: How do players get carded?

A: We card all of our players through US Club Soccer and CJYSA.

Q: Who trains the teams?

A: Each team is trained by their designated professional coach/trainer. Each coach is licensed through the US Soccer Federation and is highly qualified in youth soccer training.

Q: Who coaches the teams for games?

A: Each team is coached during games by their professional coach/trainer.

Q: Does VSA have any partnerships?

A: Yes. We have partnered with premier performance company, AP2T. AP2T is one of the elite speed, endurance, and strength training companies in the entire country.

Q: What is VSA's annual tuition?

A: Upon acceptance from tryouts, VSA will send a full player parent contract that details all commitments for the calendar year.

Q: How long is a training session?

A: 90 minutes.

Q: What ages do VSA train?

A: Our club teams have players that range in age from 7 years old to 19 years old.

Q: How can I try out for a team?

A: Please register on http://www.vsa-nj.com/ using the "Tryout Information & Form" menu item. You will then be contacted by a club administrator with more details.

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